LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas woman will go to prison for stealing Social Security benefits after investigators said she dismembered her deceased husband and threw his remains in the trash, prosecutors said.

The 8 News Now I-Team broke the story in October.

Nancy Shedleski, 70, first faced a charge of theft of government money. Since her arrest, prosecutors added the charges of theft from an employee benefit plan and making a false statement to a bank, court documents said.

The charges do not reflect anything about the dismemberment, which investigators said Shedleski admitted to. Police in Pennsylvania never responded to requests for comment about potential charges there.

A guilty plea agreement would put Shedleski in prison for a year, documents said. She faced up to 45 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, court documents said. She is not eligible for parole as the federal government abolished the practice for crimes committed after 1987.

According to court documents, Shedleski pocketed her deceased husband’s retirement benefits, which continued for more than four years after his death.

The total amount was estimated at more than $120,000, court documents said. Prosecutors said the Social Security Administration was never made aware of her husband’s 2015 death and continued to deposit the payments.

She also opened bank accounts in her husband’s name.

Investigators reviewed Shedleski’s husband’s medical records, finding he stopped receiving care in 2015 at a hospital in Pennsylvania. In 2017, Shedleski’s address changed from a home in western Pennsylvania to an apartment complex in Las Vegas. Her address was not listed in the documents.

In mid-2019, staff at the Las Vegas Social Security Office attempted to contact Shedleski’s husband, but there was no response. Shedleski later returned repeated messages, saying she and her husband lived together in Las Vegas.

Shedleski will be formally sentenced in October. Because this is a federal case, no photo of her was ever released.