ROCK STREAM, N.Y. (WETM) — After the new Coronavirus became more prevalent in the US finding hand sanitizer in stores has been difficult. So one local winery found a creative fix.

Doctor Mark Karasz, owner of Rock Stream Vineyards came up with the idea to make hand sanitizer from wine. In addition to making wine, Karasz distills spirits. Using his chemistry background he uses a similar process that creates ninety percent ethel alcohol then mixes it with aloe and tea tree oil.

“It’s pretty simple,” Dr. Karasz explained. “We are starting out with ethyl alcohol we delude it down to sixty-five percent which is effective, we are deluding it with aloe and we also have tea tree oil in our blend.”

Dr. Karasz is selling two-ounce bottles for $5 and eight-ounce bottles for $12 exclusively in his store.

“The fact that we are a distillery at Rock Spring Vineyards I decided to help out the community and bring our hand sanitizer, custom hand sanitizer to the market with our own spirits,” said Karasz.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people wash their hands with soap and water as being the best way to avoid getting sick and the spreading of germs. But they also note that if soap and water are not available that using hand sanitizer with at least 60-percent alcohol can help avoid getting sick and the spreading of germs.