Teachers take extra precautions amid coronavirus outbreak


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Coronavirius concerns have made their way here to Las Vegas. Many are now taking extra precautions — including schools.

8 News Now spoke to teachers to find out what they’re doing.

Teachers say, while they already work to keep their classrooms clean, they’re going the extra mile, considering the growing number of coronavirus cases.

Jay fair is a P.E. teacher and coach at Brinley Middle School. She says although there are no confirmed coronavirus cases here in Nevada, she’s taking extra steps to keep her students safe.

“Now it’s the disinfectant of the equipment, 2 to 3 times a week,” Fair said. “Any cloth material that I use, such as jerseys or pinnies, I wash it every other day just to make sure that those germs are being killed the proper way.”

Fair also says administrators at the school have provided Lysol disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer for every classroom.

Kristen Nigro, a kindergarten teacher at Schorr Elementary School, says she’s working to remind students of good hygiene practices, which seems to be working.

“It’s something that people can beat,” Nigro said. “I will be quite honest, I haven’t really been seeing them touch their face a lot, and it’s I think they’re really keeping a mental check of that.”

What Nigro worried about is if CCSD has a contingency plan in pace.

“Are we going to be closing the school district down, how do we handle that,” Nigro wondered.

CCSD sent home letters to parents this week, saying that their emergency operations plan includes a response, in the event schools are impacted.

Meanwhile, teachers are hoping for the best.

“We have to take the necessary precautions,” Fair concluded.

There are no confirmed coronavirus cases in Nevada. We’re told only three people in the state have been tested for the virus so far and all were negative.

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