State watches for New Year’s celebration case increase, implications could be felt this week


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — State health officials are paying close attention to the COVID-19 case count this week. During a briefing with Nevada Health Response, the team explained how we could experience a potential spike in cases.

This week marks two weeks from New Year’s celebrations, and that is a concern moving forward.

When someone starts experiencing COVID symptoms, they usually do so within days of being infected. But some can show symptoms weeks later.

Cases have continued to go up throughout the holiday season, however, rural health departments say they have not noticed a change.

This week will be critical for hospitals, and health officials are asking people to take precautions and get tested. The state checks with local health departments every day.

“We expect this week to see what the impact of New Year’s has on our case counts,” said Julia Peek, deputy administrator of Community Health Services. “Washoe County says they have just seen the exposure related to small family events, nothing at a larger scale, which makes me hopeful. But again, we will see it over the next few days.”

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