NORTH LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There are now at least 100 cases of coronavirus in 14 states around the US. None are in Nevada, but shoppers are emptying shelves at stores across the Valley, preparing for the worst.

There were long lines and cleared-out counters at several stores around town, all because of virus concerns. 8 News Now caught up with Auriana Rabb as she loaded her trunk. She waited for 20 minutes in line at the Costco in North Las Vegas Monday night, but she missed out on the one thing she really needed: water.

“I’ve never seen Costco this busy,” Rabb said. “They’re saying that they won’t get their new shipment until Thursday, and there’s limited water, so if you can’t find it, then it’s not there.”

A sign posted near the store’s entrance showed that they are also out of toilet paper, paper towels and Clorox wipes.

We also met up with shoppers earlier in the afternoon Monday at the Costco on MLK by the 95. Crowds formed around checkout and water soared off the shelves. Shopping carts on the way out were also crammed to the corner.

“[I would] stock up on basic stuff that maybe I don’t have at home, that if I get locked down somewhere in my house, I guess it’s like a 14-day incubation period,” Las Vegan Darlene Hernandez said.

Las Vegas Costco shopper Mir Hosseini added, “The only thing that was missing in there, which they ran out, was the hand sanitizer, you know, we came for that, too.”

Essential items are also in limited supply at Walmarts and Targets across town.

While Rabb is preparing, she is not too worried.

“Why are we panicking?” Rabb asked. “We’re not panicking about the flu and more people die in Nevada over the flu than anything, so we should be more concerned about that.”

It is important to note that while it is never a bad idea to stock up on essential items, medical experts maintain that the best way to combat the coronavirus is to simply wash your hands with soap and warm water.