Governor Sisolak addresses COVID-19 coronavirus concerns


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — On Friday, Governor Steve Sisolak addressed growing coronavirus concerns. The governor explained how the state is working with local agencies to prevent an outbreak.

Right now, there are no cases in Nevada. Despite that, more cases are popping up daily around the country and the governor said they need to prepare for anything.

The state is working with the local health district and other agencies on a communication system. We learned there is now a protocol for patients of concern.

They will be monitored and self-quarantined for 14 days. Officials did not say how many people have been under a self-quarantine here in Nevada, but they did say they will release a number soon.


Only 3 people have been tested in the state for the virus so far, all were negative.

The governor says there is one simple preventative step we all need to do more often.

“Practicing basic hygiene is still important specifically washing your hands regularly and thoroughly is still the single most effective way to prevent disease including COVID-19,” Governor Sisolak said.

We also learned that the state lab and local lab at the Southern Nevada Health District are capable of testing for the virus as of Thursday. That will speed up the turnaround time for results.

8 News Now asked tourists how they felt it is all being handled.

“Concerned, major concerned and how it is being handled, which is my opinion not well,” said Matt Twain, visiting from San Francisco.

“There is a big hype about it, as long as you care for it and wash your hands you should be fine,” said Ben Macery, visiting from Zimbabwe.

The governor explained they are working with several tourism organizations in the state, such as the LVCVA, when it comes the virus and how to prepare for major events, like the NFL Draft happening in April.

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