California monitoring roughly 8400 people for possible coronavirus


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS) — The fear and panic surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) have reached new levels with a number of developments. The State of California announced officials are currently monitoring roughly 8,400 people who arrived on flights from Asia for possible coronavirus.

There is also an urgent need for more coronavirus test kits in the state. Right now, they only have 200, and the CDC is rushing to send more.

Adding to the concern, a California woman was diagnosed with the virus and health officials have no idea where she got it.

Over on Wall Street — this is now the worst week since the financial crisis in 2008.

There is new concern about the government response. A whistleblower claims federal health employees lacked training and protective gear when they interacted with quarantined Americans. Those federal employees then scattered into the general population.

Battles against the virus are ramping up around the world, across at least 47 countries, with infections now on every continent except Antarctica.

In Japan, all schools in the country will be closed until late March.

Now, the Pacific Fleet is ordering all ships leaving high risk countries to quarantine at sea for 14 days.

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