Big Brother Casting Call
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 
12pm to 4pm 
Centennial Subaru Las Vegas
6350 Centennial Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89149

No purchase is necessary to enter the Big Brother casting call.
No guarantee will be made by 8 News Now, CBS or Centennial Subaru that applicants and those who submit their video for the Big Brother Casting Call will be picked to be on the show. 
CBS will notify applicants if they are chosen to be on Big Brother or if they want further information.
There are no appointment times for the casting call. 
Applicants should come between the hours of 12pm and 4pm to be part of the casting process. 
Applicants will be required to be videotaped as part of the casting process. 

Things you want to be sure to mention when auditioning-

-Relationship Status
-Some backstory on your life and how that’s shaped you to be who you are today. Where are you from? How were you raised? What have you overcome in your life?
-What might we never guess from looking at you? Is there anything you want us to know that most wouldn’t assume about you?
-Why do you want to be on Big Brother?

Tips and Advice-

-It’s important that we get a feel for who you are. Please DO NOT memorize a script. BE AUTHENTIC!
-We look for people who are descriptive and good story tellers so when you tell us about who you are, please avoid broad and general statements. 
-This isn’t a job interview so fee free to be UNFILTERED so we can see what your personality is truly like.