LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – There’s a sweet story about the makeover of the long-standing CCSD logo. It’s all rolled up in a “how do they do that?” about one of the best (or worst) kept secrets of the district’s huge foodservice department.

At first, the Principal of Aggie Roberts Elementary School, Marissa Rasavong, called it “icing on the cake” – until she quickly added, “I mean cinnamon roll!

Did you know there are almost 250 pounds of ingredients in one batch of rolls? In a video from the district, a student not-so-spontaneously asks:

“I wonder where this cinnamon roll came from?”

With apologies in advance for bad puns, here you go:

I feel the “knead” to explain. No matter how they “lay it out.” No matter how they “cut it,” the rolls are a “smashing” success. To make more than 4-million of these bad boys every year, massive school district oven racks rise to the occasion. How do they get the icing on? They just roll with it. If you think it’s in the bag at that point, you better keep on truckin’ – not only all over the valley, but all over the county.

Hey Principal Rasavong, let’s bring this delicious story to a heartwarming conclusion:

“The effort, coordination, and hours spent on something as small as a cinnamon roll shows the district impact on this community and our children. This kind of teamwork, this kind of effort is not only our mission, but our privilege. We are here to serve the students of Clark County – because ‘We are CCSD.’”

Whatever you might think about the new CCSD logo, the cinnamon rolls really are the bomb.

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