LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – The Clark County School District has it’s first electric school bus!

So maybe this report should be called “What’s Cool Getting You To School?”

The District says the average diesel fueled bus costs about $60 a day to operate. The electric bus? $10 a day.

As excited as the CCSD is about the project and the partnerships with NV Energy, Nevada’s Environmental Protection Agency, and Clark County’s Dept of Environment and Sustainability, Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara says they’re especially proud of the men and women who get behind the wheel to get our kids and grandkids to and from school:

“Our bus drivers are the first ones that our children see, and they are the last ones that our children see every single day as we operate the largest bus fleet in the country.”

There was also a photo opportunity for the Superintendent. See the video with this story for a look at Dr. Jara behind the wheel of one of the electric buses.

The first electric bus will be taking kids to and from Cimarron-Memorial High School as well as Katz and Hollingsworth elementary schools sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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