LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A shout-out to everyone in the Clark County School District (and educators everywhere) wrapping up another week in the new school year.

And now, if you please, some well deserved spotlight time for the CCSD Police Department’s social media. Officers get the serious work done, but the facebook keeps it chill with posts like:

“Don’t be like this booze-lipped-bunny. Drive sober, especially around our schools.” Patting the Nevada State Police Highway Patrol on the back for getting a more-than-4-times-the-legal-limit impaired driver off the road.

And pulling over a 44mph-in-a-15mph zone “hot dog” driver, highlighting a passenger acting like a “braut,” thinking it was ok for someone with a revoked license to drive as long as the passenger (her) was 21 and had a license.

It’s a facebook page worth following – – and don’t miss all the clever hash tags!

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