LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Some well-deserved recognition for whip-smart high school students who not only learn the finer points of the United States Constitution, but also have to prove that they know what they’re talking about

Brian Le, a student at the Southwest Career & Technical Academy says:

“I joined ‘We The People’ to get a further extensive knowledge on our government.”

He’s just one of the Southwest Tech students recently featured on the Clark County School District’s “Student Spotlight” show on VegasPBS.

Teacher Joseph Juliano coaches the team:

“What the students are doing is preparing for a congressional hearing.”

They study case law on specific parts of the Constitution, make presentations, and then answer tough questions from judges, who, in some cases, are actual judges from our local courts.

The local sponsor of the program is the Nevada Center for Civic Engagement. Executive director Kathleen Dickinson:

“University professors tell us that students who participate in ‘We The People’ do better in college and life, providing communication skills, interview skills, research skills, as well as writing and literacy.”

The team from Southwest Tech came in fourth in last month’s State competition. Congrats to all who participate, giving us all hope for the future.

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