LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – One local elementary school made the most of the annual “Week of Respect” last month.

Students at the Clarence Piggott Academy took part in several activities put together by Counselor Wade Rogers, including sending fun friendly post cards to someone they don’t know. 5th grader Sophia Soto Zeune talked about the elementary school version of ‘see something, say something’ –

“I haven’t seen anyone get bullied, but I have seen people get teased. I either tell the teacher, or tell them to stop because it’s hurting the other person.”

Third grader Matteo Scrivo has learned about an unchecked cycle of bad behavor:

“If someone ends up being bullied and they get mad, they might do it to another person, and they might do it to another person, and it goes on and on and on.”

Counselor Rogers says kindness is contagious:

“They can be kind to one another, and it just kind of rubs off on everbody else. Everbody will help somebody or say some nice things. Even smile. Just simple little things that makes somebody else’s day a little brighter.”

Speaking of kindness, thanks to Mauricio Marin from the school district’s communications office for sharing the news about the Week Of Respect.

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