LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – After a week of musical day camping “Girls Rock Vegas” took the stage at the Delta Academy in North Las Vegas last Friday.

A group calling themselves “The Creature 4th Removed” started out with a healthy rock scream: “1-2-3-4 yaaaahhhhhh!”

It was the Friday evening showcase concert where 32 young women who may have never met or played an instrument pulled off what’s apparently not “Mission: Impossible.”

Executive Director Heather Rampton says the non profit “Girls Rock Vegas” was formed in 2009 to empower young women from 9 to 17 through music creation and performance.

After unloading a truckload of instruments and equipment, the staff of 16 volunteers methodically went through 5 days of introducing the campers to guitars, basses, and drums, and learning the basics of chords and song writing. They formed 6 different bands and got down to business.

When “The Creature 4th Removed” wrapped up their set the crowd at the Delta Academy rewarded them with a round of applause.

This was the 14th annual Girls Rock Vegas camp. It’s part of an international group that puts on more than 100 camps on six continents. Rock on, girls!

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