LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – What’s cool at school? Before classes even start, how about just making sure you get there in one piece?

Erin Breen from the Road Equity Alliance Project wants to cut down on the crazy traffic crowding of so many kids getting dropped off at the same time, saying “The less congestion around the school, the safer every child is.”

She adds that *not* living within walking distance could be a blessing in disguise:

“If parents would even park two or three blocks away and walk their children in from there, what a big difference it would make. The bonus is: you get to spend extra time with your kid, and how can that be bad?”

Drivers can’t let their guard down once they’re away from any flashing lights in the immediate vicinity of any campus. In fact she urges extra attention when there might be kids on streets near schools:

“Now you’ve got them crossing 45mph traffic instead of 25mph traffic, so, gotta pay attention to those school crossing zones, as much as the actual school zone.”

And finally, Erin suggests that while the sentimental urge may be strong as you send your kid off, try being a little bit of a nag instead:

“In place of saying ‘I love you’ as you leave the house in the morning, remind them: ‘put your seatbelt on, make eye contact with drivers, where’s your bike helmet?’ Just that one final thing that could save their life.”

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