LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Hope for the future, with high schoolers deep diving into the bedrock of our democracy – – the constitution of the United States.

Have you heard of this really cool program called “We The People”? It’s where highly motivated students learn the nooks and crannies of our forefathers’ famous document as well as numerous court cases for a competition judged – in many cases – by actual judges, like Nevada Supreme Court Justice Elissa Cadish, who has encouraging words for the sharp young men and women like students from West-Tech, the West Career and Technical Academy:

“You’re going out into the world with these skills to be an important part of our society: an educated adult who’s able to have civil conversations based on facts and evidence.”

With thanks also from 1st District Congresswoman Dina Titus, and 4th District Congressman Steven Horsford, the students have prepared responses to questions like this one from Kathleen Dickinson, the Executive Director of the Nevada Center For Civic Engagement: “How and why has presidential power expanded since the ratification of the constitution?”

Students in this case chimed in with creativity “Singing presidential powers” and “Whoo! Since the ratification of the constitution, presidential powers have expanded.”

Then there will be impromptu questions like attorney Jenna Garcia:

“Is our system really working? Is it a check on the president?”

The students are thenjudged on their ability to respond, quickly, factually – and in a civilized manner.

Seven local schools and six from northern Nevada will be taking part in the virtual “we the people” tomorrow.

With congratulations in advance to whichever teams are judged to be the best, there’s no question that what Justice Cadish said is true: all of these students are winners because they’ve learned important skills that can only help our country move forward from this time of division and rancor.

Learn more about We The People by clicking HERE.