LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Elementary school broadcasters give us adults a run for our careers!

Come on along for the ride.

It’s a fun rollercoaster of information at the Gilbert Creative Arts Academy’s “Super6News” with students covering everything from whatever goofy holiday of the day it may be. On a recent broadcast Valentina declared:

“It’s national chocolate milkshake day!”

The daily cafeteria menu is referred to as The Lunch Report, sometimes featuring “the award-winning dreaded grilled cheese sandwich.”

They even have weather reporters, like Lillia:

“Your recess forecast: it’s going to be around 92 under a partly cloudy desert sky.”

Anchor Miguel asked his co-anchor:

“Hey Valentina, did you know it’s hug day?”

The video with this story [above] show an amazing cute-overload animal hug demonstration.

Super6News is all about the Gilbert Giraffes, standing head and shoulders above the rest.

While most of Gilbert’s student broadcasters don’t end up joining the ranks of folks like us here at 8NewsNow, there’s evidence that a broadcaster showing us how it’s done today in Spokane, Washington *did* get his start there “way back when.”

A clip shows a young Guy Tannenbaum saying:

“It’s time for Super6News, your primary news source.”

I hope Guy doesn’t pour a bucket of hatorade on me for this, because, pardon my impartiality, that was pretty awesome then. And it may be even more awesome today.

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