LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A Rancho High School grad has been elected Co-President of the student body – at Harvard.

On the student leadership campaign trail John Cooke said his main priority would be student access to mental health resources:

“Students are feeling burned out, feeling a lot of anxiety with the pressure of jobs, the pressure of college. We want to make sure that any student who needs mental health resources can get it in a very timely manner.”

Majoring in government, Cooke says he wouldn’t be where he is without his own support network:

“I saw a picture coming into college. My mom sent it to me. It said, ‘In college you can have two of the following three things: sleep, good grades, or a social life.’ Pick two of those.”

And he points to his years at Rancho:

“I’d especially love to give a shout-out to Mr. Ruttan, my A-P U-S History teacher. And Mr. D’Silva. He’s now an Assemblyman in the Nevada Legislature.”

He also mentioned Debra Hogue who coached Rancho’s Varsity Quiz team. It turns out that John met our Nate Tannenbaum during an online pandemic edition of the VegasPBS show.

Cooke has lofty goals:

“I want to be a criminal defense attorney primarily. And then after that I want to either enter the judiciary as a judge or enter politics and public service back home in Vegas.”

If anyone can do it, it’s John Cooke.

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