LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – From the brains of high school students, something that even long-time locals might not be aware of in our own back yard.

Did you know that a garden at Faith Lutheran High School on the valley’s west side is a designated “monarch butterfly way station”? Faith Science Teacher September Wilson has the wonderful “circle of life” story:

“There’s thousands and millions of monarchs in mexico. One generation flies to canada, another generation flies here to america, and it’s just a cycle. There’s just this natural wonder of butterflies coming through here.”

If you didn’t know about the science teacher’s first name you could be forgiven for giving a “by the calendar” reading of this sentence: “For September, preparation began in August and culminates in October!”

But a different reading – and specifically correct for this story – is that the teacher named September and her students laid butterfly groundwork two months ago for a flourishing butterfly rest stop later this month. Wilson is quick to point out:

“It’s hard to predict Mother Nature and when a large group will fly by.”

And that’s why we want to check in with the Faith garden class for an update down the road, when we not only hope for butterfly photos, but also more clever additions to the garden from Faith art teacher Kim Gilman, whose whimsical Seuss-like totem poles would welcome any “Who” popping in from “Who-ville” in addition to meandering migrating monarchs.

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