LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Some local elementary school students are all business – about business .

As last school year wrapped up, dozens of 5th graders from Fay Herron Elementary School spent a day at Allegiant Stadium where the Las Vegas Raiders hosted a “Swimming With The Big Fish” Shark-Tank-style business competition put on by Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada.

Yailyn, Brittany, Rosario and Naomi came up with a comb/brush combo they called “Heavenly Detangle.” In unison at the end of their presentation they urged everyone to “comb” on over to Heavenly Detangle.

Five other kids came up with a toddler twist on a sippy cup: it’s chewable. Team member, Juan, explained:

“It has good grip, fun designs, and rubber, so you could chew on it.”

The high-powered judges were the President of Nevada State Bank, Terry Shirey, Dr Keith Whitfield, the President of UNLV, and Sandra Douglass Morgan, the President of the Raiders. She said:

“I know this is to help the kids’ gums, but how are you going to prevent them from, maybe, choking on the straw?”

Team member Zoey told her the straw will stay connected to the cup.

And finally, five other kids want to market a special tent that’s easy to set up. Daniella said her dad gets roundabout credit for that.

“I have experience camping, and in one of my experiences my dad was yelling at us for connecting ‘b’ to ‘c’ and he was like, ‘No! Put that one over there, and put that one over there.’ And we all got confused. So we fixed that problem by making the poles automatic. So with the click of a button, it goes up. And you click it again, it just sits down.”

And why does it pack in a bag and not a box?

Daniella answered:

“Because I remember last time camping my dad was, like, ‘Oh! You forgot the box!’ And it was next to the camping fire and it almost burned, so, no. We don’t want that to happen.”

All of the presentations were amazing.

The 3rd place “Sip and Chew” students split $2,000 in UNLV Scholarship money.

The 2nd place “Heavenly Detangle” team splits $4,000.

And the 1st place “Feel At Home” tent idea shares $9,000 in UNLV scholarship money.

Congrats also to the Junior Achievement business mentors who worked with 100 students in all, as well as the judges and the Raiders for hosting the event.

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