LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Two-thousand Clark County School District 4th and 5th graders just saw and heard something most – if not all – had never experienced: an orchestra concert!

Conductor Alexandra Arrieche introduced herself and the Henderson Symphony Orchestra.

The Dollar Loan Center – home to the Silver Knights hockey team – was transformed!

Before the concert started musicians mingled with the students – getting up close and personal with trumpets, piccolos and violins.

Our own Nate Tannenbaum joined them onstage to narrate a piece called “The Orchestra Games!” It’s all about having fun while educating the students about the different parts of an orchestra.

But the real magic happened when Arrieche brought a student to the podium.

Nine-year-old Mila was given a pair of glasses, a scarf, and a baton that looked a lot like a magic wand as the opening notes of the Harry Potter theme started playing! The kids “oohed and ahhed” as timid Mila returned to her seat.

It’s not just Mila who’ll remember that incredible experience. The narration in “The Orchestra Games” lays it right out: maybe some of the students at the concert will catch some of that magic – and one day end up as a musician – or maybe even a conductor – all because they attended the Henderson Symphony’s “Concert For Kids.”

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