LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – Taking the motivation ball and running with it. Literally.

A proud mom of two kids at the McCaw Steam Academy in Henderson is fired up – in a good way.

Crystal Dunning told me about the P-E teacher there, Isabel Goldstein, and the before-school activity she inherited almost 20 years ago called “Desert Trackers.”

Crystal says kids crowd around the school gate at 8:30 every morning so they can get in and start running laps until the bell rings for classes to start. Laps are recorded on a card by parent volunteers – with celebratory cowbell rings for every kid who racks up 10 miles in laps. Crystal says some kids walk and chat with friends, while others run their little hearts out. She says the kids are *not* just learning about physical fitness – that she sees them learning that they can do anything if they set their mind to it.

On any given morning you’ll see fifth graders walking hand-in-hand with Pre-K kids so they don’t get run over. Other students stop to help classmates who stumble and fall

To highlight Ms. Goldstein’s nearly 20 years of Desert Trackers, one student likes to show off his own dad’s name on a back-in-the-day plaque from when he ran desert trackers.