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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — She is a science superstar, and she is passing on her passion to kids at schools throughout Boulder City and the Las Vegas Valley.

Her name is Jenny Ballif, but when working, she goes by Science Mom.

She’s a molecular biologist, mom of three, and author of several books; but to the third graders we watched her present to at Ferron Elementary, she is effectively bringing science to life!

One of her goals it to seek truth, observe, and tap into kids’ innate curiosity, and also, engender even more curiosity, so they keep wanting to learn more and more.

Science Mom said, “It’s all about investigative thinking, trying to figure out how the world works. That’s what I love most about science, it provides us answers to our curiosity.”

Science Mom’s lesson at Ferron Elementary is special — it’s her 50th school visit!

You can tell, watching her presentation, how much she enjoys what she does.

“This feeds my soul, this is a job that I love!” she told me.

Today’s focus: How ice can float, melt, and change; freezing carbon dioxide into ice; and states of matter being witnessed through dancing quarters.

The enthusiasm in the room boiled over when Science Mom created iridescent bubbles, that burst with white fog.

Regular bubbles pop, but with dried ice in them, students and teachers could carry them, toss them, and above all, understand why.

“We all learned a lot,” third-grader Harper Kristof excitedly told me, “It was really fun!”

Science Mom is a big believer in hands-on learning. “Any time you can make it experiential for the kids, and hands-on, the better.”

Other lessons in her repertoire: Tower of Math Knowledge and Chemistry of Water, Light is Amazing, Epic Electric, Bernoulli, Blowers, and Bags, Foaming Reactions, and The Write Questions.

In addition to school visits, on her Website and YouTube channel, every week, she posts a new simple, science activity that kids can do at home.

To book Science Mom for a school visit or corporate event: contact her on her website Science.Mom.

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