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Whats Cool at School

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Just weeks from wrapping up high school at Northwest Career and Technical Academy, students present their Senior capstones, an opportunity to demonstrate extensive knowledge in their chosen area of study.

A total of 402 Seniors worked alone, or in small groups, covering everything from mechanical engineering to early education, construction to hospitality – among many other topics. Chris Whitney, the Assistant Principal at NWCTA, oversees the project. 

“The long term goal is to help the students see the relevancy of what they’ve been working on for the entire year,” he said.

One group we featured took on the noble goal of providing clean water to the Marshall Islands.  Working beyond kudos from classmates, or the grade they might get — these seniors are intent on making a tangible impact. 

Group member Kaelyn Peterson told 8 News NOW Anchor Brian Loftus, “We wanted this to be successful so we could actually help the people in the Marshall Islands. That’s why we put so much effort into it from the beginning; we really want this to go further than just our Senior capstones.”

Another senior student Ananya Dewan, working solo, boldly asked this tough question: “What are the potential health effects of Glyphosate concentrations found in our Clark County School District lunches on an elementary aged population?” She then went digging for the answer.
She said, “The goal of my project was not to fear monger, but instead to perhaps start a conversation that we should start implementing regulating standards.”

Ananya had the industriousness to take her $90 project budget, and stretch it – contacting over twenty labs and ultimately obtaining $2,000 worth of funding from a lab to ensure her data was accurate. She wants to shed light, and encourage change.

“This is a new perspective, a new dimension of understanding the public health that we should incorporate in our discussion of what makes a good school lunch,” Ananya said.

Assistant Principal Whitney summed up the feelings of staff.

“It’s pride. These students are just amazing kids, and to see them come to a day like that – and perform the way they’ve performed, it’s reassuring,” Assistant Principal Whitney proclaimed!

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