Local Mariachi Stars, in “What’s Cool at School”

Whats Cool at School

So many enjoy the familiar, sentimental strains of Mariachi music; made unique with melodies, rhythms, and instruments indigenous to Mexico.

Local Mariachi student-musicians from John C. Fremont Middle School are set to soon take their talents to a national stage in San Antonio, Texas.

These 7th and 8th graders have already shown their skill, talent, and ability with a 1st place finish at the Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Mariachi Studies in the inaugural competition back in 2017.

Now, they are preparing for what is essentially their Super Bowl, an annual music event in Texas called Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza. 

Students each have their own high hopes for what they want to accomplish in San Antonio.

Karmelo Walker, who plays Violin, told me “We’ve been working so hard, and I would be so proud if we were able to win a trophy.”

Trumpet player Joey Taack added, “My personal goal is to make everybody that I care about proud.”

The students are competing, and succeeding, because of progress from daily practice with two hour sessions dedicated to their craft.

At the core of what drives many musicians: pure love of the art, and appreciation for their instrument.

Karmelo Walker described Mariachi like this, “It’s like one of the best things in my life, because this really gave me something to do, and I love it, and I’ve never done anything like it – and I have so much fun doing it.”

Their leader, Mariachi Director Albert Avila, sees music in their future, proudly declaring, “I definitely see music careers. They want it, they love it, and if they want to keep pursuing it – all of them have the talent to do it.”

To pull of the trek to San Antonio for the November 15 competition, the student-musicians have been selling chocolates, putting on school fundraisers, volunteering at lunch any way to help fund their trip.

The stage in Texas awaits and these kids seem to revel in the remarkable experience of being a part of something special.

Best of luck to the students from Fremont MS.

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