Connecting Over Science in “What’s Cool at School”

Whats Cool at School

HENDERSON (KLAS) — Science students from across Nevada who attend Nevada Connections Academy recently met up and bonded over their shared love of science at Acacia Park in Henderson.

Nevada Connections Academy is a virtual school. This field trip is a chance for students and teachers to get together and put a face to the name.

Victoria Neer, a support specialist at the academy, described the event, “We get all of our students together who don’t normally get to see each other in a classroom every day, and they get to play together, have fun together and learn together.”

Student seem to agree, with sixth-grader Beckham Scott saying enthusiastically, “I like meeting new kids and talking to them and making friends!” Seventh-grader Zoe Garvin added, “When I met my teacher, it was very awesome!”

There were multiple stations for students to complete activities and experiments covering several topics and subjects, including center of gravity, flowers and owl pellet dissection, pH measurements, using microscopes and static electricity, specifically, being able to explain how static electricity causes tinsel to levitate.

All science stations on the field trip are related to essential skills or standards.

At another station, students learn what laws of motion apply to rocket design.

The last station had the students take on the engineering design process with the tallest building station and a little help from Jenga!

The focus is on fun, and for sixth-grader James Syzdek, that is exactly his experience: “I find it fun because you get to learn something new each time!”

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