Community Helpers in ‘What’s Cool at School, Home Edition’

Whats Cool at School

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A first-grader helping pets, inspiring neighbors and making the most of distance learning — it is what is in the first ever “What’s Cool at School, Home Edition.”

Tarr Academy first-grader Kamden Wolf was assigned a community helper project as a part of distance learning. He chose to help the pet rescue, “A Path 4 Paws.

Brian Loftus:  “What do you think that’s going to do for all those animals that get to get all that great stuff?”

Kamden Wolf: “Ummm….it’s gonna help.”

Kamden stood out front with a homemade sign gathering supplies and food for animals in need. Kindhearted neighbors arrived with big hearts and full arms.

“Blankets, towels, cleaning supplies, and dog food.”

Not to mention 22 toys, 30 dog leashes and collars, 100 towels and $250! 

Kamden’s neighbors Octavia and Rosaleen followed his lead. They chose to help Three Square.

“Because if other people don’t get food, they won’t survive long,” first grader Octavia Hankin said.

These kids were provided a valuable lesson by those that pitched in.

“I think that they felt bad for dogs and people, so they wanted to help.”

Since this is “What’s Cool at School, Home Edition,” we wanted to check in about how navigating this surreal experience of distance learning is going.

‘What’s good about it is you, like, stay at home. But what’s bad is when you’re at home, but you still got to do some work. You still gotta do work, and I don’t like that.”

These days, we can all relate…

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