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Whats Cool at School

Spread the Word Nevada is increasing the awareness and importance of reading as a family activity with their monthly program “Breakfast with Books.” 

On a chilly December morning, at Robert Lunt Elementary School, students and parents settled in for a good book to start the day.

The program at this particular school is made possible by Spread the Word Nevada Donor, Linda Bertuzzi, who considers reading essential for progress and success.

“Breakfast with Books” involves story time, a raffle, and most importantly – the opportunity for both children and their parents to select a new book that is theirs to keep! Reading strategies are reinforced, and families are given take-home activities to continue the lesson, which enables and encourages every family to share and foster of love reading in their home.

As Lunt Elementary Principal Lisa Drakulich said, “What I love about the program is that it’s putting books right in the hands of kids, and families, and it’s not just open to our students – it’s open to the entire family.”

We talked to parents that are reading more to their children, an older brother who now reads to his baby sister, and families that are increasing the books in their home library.

Librarian Jeremy Heckler added, “It’s just lighting that fire. I think that it’s so important that they read and talk to their kids and share with them how important it is to read, and how those words just light up, and are magic for them.”

The impact of consistent reading is far-reaching, for varied reasons….
For 3rd grader Adrianna Mangaroo, “It could open up your imagination, open up your creativity, and help you get smarter.”

Her classmate Devin Kleinpeter described it this way, “When I first got into airplanes, it taught me all about airplanes, and I just got so interested. I got caught into it, and I just loved it.”

Spread the Word Donor Linda Bertuzzi described a moment to me when she fully realized the positive impact of this work, “When a parent whispered to me how much the books mean to them in their home because it’s all they have. They don’t have a computer. So the books are how they are learning English, that was powerful.”

Spread the Word Nevada will continue to inspire a love of reading. 

Since 2001 they have donated 4.7 million books! Every month, they give 55,000 books to local students serving some 515,000 students at 59 CCSD elementary schools. 

That is “What’s Cool at School!”

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