LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — At Resorts World in Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve co-hosts Nikki Novak and Michael Yo went to a “real” expert to find out what the best cocktail is to drink to the New Year.

Real Housewife of Orange County Heather Dubrow shares her go-to champagne drink on New Year’s Eve. Hint: she took the co-hosts down to the tropics.

“So we’re gonna open up this champagne, and I’m gonna show you something fun that I love to do,” said Dubrow. “My family is taking a little tropical vacation this year, so in honor of that, we’re gonna make a fancy champagne drink.”

Dubrow broke out a pineapple, ready to show everyone how to kick back for 2022.

“We’re gonna cut the tip clean off, then take the core, pull it out,” Dubrow instructed. “Now I’m gonna put crunchy ice in, and people keep asking me if it’s true that there’s air in there so that it doesn’t hurt your teeth — it’s true.”

Once the pineapple was hollowed out, Dubrow began to pour the champagne into the fruit.

“Pour it in, and then we’re just gonna add this decoration, and we’re gonna add a little umbrella, and we’re gonna add a straw, and voilà.”

The reality star didn’t stop there, though. She let the co-hosts in on a secret to give the drink some more flavor.

“Do you remember in the old days when they used to have that vodka-infused fruit? Same idea. You squish the pineapple just a little bit to release the juice,” Dubrow said.