Souper Bowl of Caring: Utah Food Bank fighting hunger since 1904

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LAS VEGAS (KTVX) — The Utah Food Bank non-profit is doing its part to help the state get the food needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ginette Bott, President and CEO of the Utah Food Bank says it’s helping more than 500,000 Utah residents who are at risk of missing a meal each day. In fact, one of five Utah children are unsure where their next meal is coming from.

“The Utah Food Bank is such an incredible non-profit for our state. I’m a little bit partial but in reality it is very, very true. We were organized in 1904, we’ve been around for 116 years and the premise of this organization has been to help those who are impoverished who are challenged with food or food insecurity, so we’ve been fighting hunger a very long time,” Bott said.

The Utah Food Bank is an affiliate of Feeding America, which makes them one of 200 food banks across the country helping provide food to those in need in the community, according to Bott.

“We’re responsible for the entire state of Utah, we’re present in all 29 counties, and think of us as kind of the wholesaler. Product comes to the Utah Food Bank, we distribute that to 203 pantries or partner agencies across the state and they in turn deliver to the person who is in need on the other end. So, it really is a combination of talent, of expertise, it’s collaboration not only from the distribution but also from the donors’ food donations, all that it takes to fight hunger in Utah,” said Bott.

The Utah Food Bank is also good at shopping and stretching the funds it receives to feed more people.

“We take $1 that comes from you and turn it into $8.03 worth of goods and services and we can do that because we work in such large volume. We work directly with manufacturers, we have donations, we have all sorts of opportunities with manufacturers across the country which the individual doesn’t have. So if you want to give just a dollar, know that your dollar is really going to be stretched and we combine those dollars with others and we can do some great things,” added Bott.

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