LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now and our Nexstar sister stations are teaming up to raise money to provide meals for 1 million people in need with our annual “Souper Bowl of Caring” campaign.

The initiative began 30 years ago in a church in South Carolina when it was proposed that everyone watching the Super Bowl give $1 or one can of food.

“If you look at that today, that’s 100 million dollars in one day,” said executive director Alison Reese. Those attending the church took on the challenge in an effort to be mindful of those that don’t even have a bowl of soup to eat.

The campaign raises awareness to those that live in hunger and poverty and is encouraging all who want to help to visit the organization’s Tackle Hunger Map and use the search bar to find charities in their neighborhoods and encourage thinking about giving locally through churches, homeless shelters, pantries, and food banks. Any charities donated through the map will count towards the donation goal.

Souper Bowl of Caring doesn’t deliver food directly but rather acts more like a catalyst by infusing money into food charities across the nation. With Nexstar Nation’s outreach this year, the non-profit hopes those who can will help raise more than 1 million meals donated.

“Most people don’t know where their nearest food charity is, that is something we’re trying to address using our map,” Reese continued.

The local food bank on the Tackle Hunger Map is Three Square, located at 4190 N Pecos Rd.