Souper Bowl of Caring: Denver Little Flower Food Bank took root in the community

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LAS VEGAS (KDVR) — In 2013 a little flower grew in East Aurora, the Denver Little Flower Food Bank in the Catholic Charities Archdiocese of Denver assistance center.

While restaurants are struggling to stay busy these days, food banks have been busier than ever with more people needing food assistance, clothes and other help.

Since 2013, the Little Flower Assistance Center took root in the community, and now serves more than 20,000 people in need, every year.

”We went to the community, to a lot of the service providers and they all agreed that this was needed,” said Donna Potter, Catholic Charities Little Flower Assistance Center manager.

“Food, clothing, money management, employment, senior services,” added Potter.

In addition to the sounds of volunteers you’ll hear the sounds of construction as well.

They are making it easier for seniors and those in wheelchairs to get around, including a convenient drive-through.

“We are going to apply for a COVID grant which might allow our seniors to drive through the back areas so they can pick up their food,” added Potter.

Like any flower, the Little Flower Assistance Center is in need of volunteers.

“Currently we have about 100, but with the older volunteers having to stay at home once we get the center started again we are going to have to replenish with a few newer groups,” said Potter.

As the Little Flower continues to grow, so does the need. Food, clothes, toys, assistance for the increasing number of people who could use a helping hand.

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