Las Vegas homeowners share concerns about New Year’s Eve parties at Airbnb and other short term rentals

Vegas NYE

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Airbnb promised to crack down on renters hosting parties that are ringing in the New Year, but as the holiday gets closer, a lot of Las Vegas valley homeowners say they’re still worried about unruly get-togethers. Especially with coronavirus cases at the highest levels, Nevada has seen.

Residents of the Historic John S. Park neighborhood are worried about what that means for them.

“I think everyone is concerned about house parties now in general because of the regulations and potential for spreading the disease,” said resident Dayvid Figler.

“My biggest concern is people renting out the houses to then turn them into a club situation, John Lucas, a resident in the neirghborhood, said. “Charging them an entrance fee or for alcohol and having people come party at the house.”

Lucas has lived in the neighborhood for more than a decade and remembers a time when a ‘bunch a random people’ were parked right in front of his home.

“There were sometimes 20-25 cars in the street, so we are talking maybe 50-60 people in that house, that’s when it becomes a concern,” said Lucas.

Figler understands the temptation to gather at people’s homes, but he says he trusts the City of Las Vegas to get involved if things get out of hand.

“The city has been really good, especially since the last round of regulations, of setting up a hotline. The hotline is in place if we ever do see anything out of the ordinary,” said Figler.

If you experience any types of parties in your neighborhood that have a high occupancy and or are not following COVID protocol, you can call the City of Las Vegas at (702-229-3500).

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