Remarkable Women: Trudy Para Killman, helping the city’s homeless

Remarkable Women

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A selfless person will always put someone else’s needs before their own. 8 News Now found a remarkable woman who does that and so much more in Trudy Para Killman.

Overnight, she went from a gainfully employed mother and wife to a widow raising two sons.

“It was an eye-opener,” Killman said. “I had never needed the system before in my life.”

The death of her husband led to a series of financial setbacks, health challenges, and soon, the brink of homelessness.

“It was like, ‘do you have a car?’ Well, of course I have a car, but you expect me to sleep in it with my two boys with disabilities?”

That was seven years ago.

Killman turned her life around and came face-to-face with her true calling as a homeless advocate, creating The Compassion Initiative LV.

“We’re kind of a mobile department store,” she explained. “We have just about a little bit of everything.”

They are distributing with dignity and doling out necessities to the overlooked. The operation runs almost entirely on generosity.

“I come home from dropping pantry boxes, and my entire driveway full of blankets, jeans and sneakers and whatever it is that we’re collecting,” Killman shared.

She and volunteers spend all of their time in the very place they were trying to avoid: the streets of Las Vegas.

“We will never step away from our hands-on connection with these people,” said Killman. “This is what they miss. This is what they need, somebody to know that somebody cares.”

She and her team do just that by providing home-cooked meals, laundered clothing and survival gear. Killman works tirelessly to make sure these faces are not ignored, while at the same time, caring for a 20-year-old son with autism and a teenager facing neurosurgery.

8 News Now asked her if she’s not comfortable with the term “remarkable woman,” what kind of woman she would describe herself to be. She replied:

“I’d say passionate, not remarkable. To me, that’s Mother Teresa! … I wish that many of the people that hopefully will be watching this remembers that we are doing God’s work, and it’s not illegal to feed people who are in need.”

What we need are more remarkable women like Killman.

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