LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Treating and caring for kids battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses has become a calling for Annette Logan-Parker, she says.

From frantic emergency room visits to diagnosis, finding treatment, and praying for a cure, Logan-Parker understands the uncertain journey of a sick child. She’s not only a nurse but also was once a parent searching for medical help for her son Alex.

“Going through that experience with my son really helped me identify how fragmented things were in Las Vegas at that time for children with really complicated and rare situation,” Logan-Parker said.

Logan-Parker says she vowed to make the medical road easier for Nevada families. After her son’s recovery, she created the Cure 4 The Kids Foundation from her kitchen table. 17 years later, it has grown into a $40 million foundation and the only pediatric cancer center in Nevada.

Holly Wilson’s family discovered Cure 4 The Kids when their 2-year-old son Logan, was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder called opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome.

“Monday […] his first symptom […] was a twitch of the leg,” said Wilson. “By Friday, he was in the hospital, he could not breathe on his own, eat on his own, sit up.”

Wilson described the situation as the scariest thing she’d ever experienced in her life.

Logan-Parker has been there for every step of Logan’s treatment, including 10 years of regular infusions, speech and physical therapy visits, and tutoring. Those services are provided by Cure 4 The Kids. Wilson says she doesn’t know where her family would be without Logan-Parker’s organization.

Cure 4 The Kids continues to grow to meet the needs of Nevada children, Logan-Parker says, which include research and onsite classrooms.

“Our goal is to not just cure the child of whatever their ailment is, whether it be cancer or something,” said Logan-Parker. “But also help them live as normal of a life as they possibly can.”

Logan-Parker says her organization being there for children who need it is a team effort.

“It may have been my idea, but it’s taken an entire team of dedicated, qualified compassion, compassionate, amazing people to fulfill it,” said Logan-Parker.