LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Sally’s interest in hospice care began thirty years ago, shortly after she moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.  She met a good friend there who shortly after began a two year battle fighting a terminal diagnosis. Sally was at her side as much as possible, just so that her friend could continue to endure painful treatments to be with her young son one more month, one more week.  It was selfless, and Sally was attached to her mission. 

Sally has always been drawn to volunteering her services.  When she first arrived in Honolulu, she joined the Bishop Museum as a docent, undergoing an intensive training program, to understand the indigenous culture and its impact on the present.  When her children were school age, she donated a lot of time and effort to the schools. 

Last year, when Sally’s employer closed their bookstore, she found herself wanting to give of her time in a meaningful way, and looked at this period of unemployment as a ‘gift’.  It was shortly thereafter that the facebook ad popped up on her feed, and she immediately responded, thus beginning this wonderful relationship with Southwest Medical Hospice.  And also because she was so impressed with her own healthcare at Southwest Medical, it was an easy decision to make.  She simply wanted to ‘give back.’