Acts of Kindness:Foster Children Bags

Acts of Kindness

Two women make foster kids feel a little more loved, during a transitionary period.

Mary Sue Huron and Nancy Woods sew hundreds of bags each month for foster care children. They work with directly with the agency to determine the size, and how many bags are needed on average for younger and older children.

Mary Sue says, “The children are there for circumstances they had no control over, the very least, they should have some personal things that are theirs, that are new, that they can keep.” Nancy adds, “I was appaulled at the fact, that these children had gone through a traumatic situation and were handed a trash bag for their stuff. I kind of lost it a little, in fact I got really upset.” 

Their efforts to create three hundred bags a month began last spring in Mary Sue’s kitchen.

They took advantage of a going out of business sale to make a big purchase on fabric.

Woods adds, “It’s mostly indoor/outdoor upholstery fabric, duck and canvas type of things, flimsy stuff, carpet samples. that doesn’t work.”

They have already begun working on special holiday bags for the children, but their current material will only last them through February. 

If you would like to assist these ladies with your time, or a donation please call Mary Sue Huron at 702-884-6712. 

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