Acts of Kindness: Brid’Jette Whaley

Acts of Kindness

A pit boss manager at Caesars Entertainment is inspiring hundreds of others to reach out to children in the hospital in this week’s Acts of Kindness.

“She has more passion in her pinky than most people have in their entire body,” said Caesars Entertainment Regional Vice President of Human Resources Matt Krystofiak.

That passion for Caesars pit boss Brid’Jette Whaley is to place a hand-knit cap on the head of a child in the hospital.

“I started the program, because my granddaughter had heart surgery when she was 14-months-old,” she said. “When we were in the hospital, we saw that people came to help us that we didn’t even know.”

She and her family gained strength, knowing they were not alone. Her cause, Caps for Comfort, initially started for kids battling cancer. Now, it’s for kids battling any ailment.

One year ago, Whaley instructed 20 volunteers in the program. Today, 150 people volunteer along with almost two dozen instructors.

“I just went down to see what was going on, and I was so impressed, I just started participating myself,” one volunteer said.

“Seeing the smiles that come on those children’s faces, there’s nothing more heartwarming that we do in our business every day,” Krystofiak said.

“You can’t go to these centers without crying unfortunately, but then you realize what you are doing with these people and how these kids feel from the hats you’re giving them,” Whaley said.

Her caring culture is spreading. Employees in Baltimore and Atlantic City are carrying on the mission she began.

She says an added bonus to the Caps for Comfort program is that managers work side by side with volunteers, creating long-lasting bonds.

“We fell in love with her story and fell in love with her passion. Fast forward to today, we’re so proud she’s being honored with this distinction,” Krystofiak said.

8 News NOW is rewarding Brid’Jette Whaley with this week’s Acts of Kindness award.

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