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HitechDigital offers Customized Autodesk Forge Viewer Solutions

Streamlining building workflows with customized Forge APIs helps connect processes, close communication gaps, and reduce design prototyping errors.

HitechDigital helped us customize the 3D model with report automation capabilities on the cloud-based Forge platform. Revit families could be used for future projects.”
— Project manager, BIM Consultancy, USA.
ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Forge Viewer automation with BIM is helping AEC firms build bespoke workflows to synchronize tasks and manage data. Architects, engineers, and other project teams within and outside firms can now conduct real-time design coordination in a unified view. Forge automation supports teams in this with a solid project setup, data integration, resolution tracking, workflow validation, and project administration.

Design errors and reduction in productivity are direct outcomes of process fragmentation and communication fallouts. Negligence in identifying and resolving these challenges can lead to greater rework, scheduling, estimation errors, data loss, and other negative outcomes. Forge tools and APIs set the groundwork to expand the capabilities of BIM360, drive efficient data management, render large BIM models within a browser, and more.

Industry challenges in construction design include:

- Migrating, distributing, and synchronizing data in the BIM360 environment
- Low levels of data certainty for data health, composition, and efficiency
- Inefficient project quality tracking and delivery methodologies

Early adopters of the Forge application have been able to customize the software for required outcomes. Integrating cost estimation tools with BIM360 helped teams in informed decision-making for greater cost realization. Linking estimates to models with greater interactivity helped teams leverage a real-time dashboard to visualize costs. Key APIs used in the construction project included Data Management, Model Derivative, Viewer, BIM360, and SharePoint.

In the present scenario, key APIs for Forge produce the following outcomes:

- Extending the capabilities of BIM360 to touch various segments
- Using the Forge API to access project data across BIM360, Fusion 360, and other Object Storage tools
- Extraction of metadata from 3D models and individual objects
- Using the browser to render 2D and 3D model data from a myriad of applications including Revit, Fusion 360, and AutoCAD

HitechDigital has years of expertise and rich experience in AI Automation, and BIM engineering. The company has extended its automation capabilities with Autodesk Forge viewer through cloud-based APIs and cross-platform integration. Understanding AEC challenges, the Forge team at HitechDigital has launched a new BIM management platform to augment various communication channels through BIM model integration, functions, and processes.

With a large Forge API toolset in place, HitechDigital offers an easy setup of Digital Twins, Configurators, AR/VR applications, and BIM Add-Ons. These Forge solutions cater to a large project portfolio and are deployed for any project size. Model customization, compliance checks, and data filters support Architects, Contractors, and Planners to extend and implement Forge viewer capabilities.

A quick snapshot of the benefits of the Forge Viewer API

Extend the capabilities of BIM 360

Forge supports an external interface with simple and information-rich authorship. A cloud-based model through Forge APIs can be shared by a URL. Viewing the model on any device provides users with a rich interactive experience. Mechanizing repeatable processes like sections, roof properties, or even other details can be leveraged. Linking materials to actual costs, processes, and schedules can augment preconstruction planning, and logistics, and remove conflicts. Forge can transfer data over networks without human interaction. Integrating limitless information volumes can be monitored in real time and data can be streamed into cloud-based storage systems for review and tracking.

Improve Asset Management

Handling large information sets becomes easier with Forge to improve asset management. The ability to look over every asset for part number, energy consumption, and other aspects through the scale view augments asset management. Integrating automation into front-end planning can generate reports from a wide range of data sources.

Transitioning through complex BIM files for various systems can be rendered, viewed, or exploded in exact detail and sequence which is faster than any Revit capability. Embedding the Forge viewer into any website can help users access the model through a web-based browser; contractors, sub-contractors, and owners can leverage a true understanding of costs, quantities, and other enhancements.

Provide Seamless Data Connectivity

Streamlining workflows and data connectivity within BIM at various building stages can improve day-to-day operations and reduce situational challenges. Solid data connectivity can mitigate Revit warnings, establish standards, and eliminate avoidable errors. Custom-built toolbars, dashboards, and operations can be extended through unparalleled possibilities.

Automating Revit families through Forge can reduce time and costs for manufacturers. Creating and setting families and documentation tracking, clash detection between various models, process checklists, reporting automation, and other capabilities add value through a dynamic Forge dashboard.

Increase project visibility with AR/VR

Increasing the capacity to interact with the 3D model, as the project develops, opens up a wide range of opportunities for clients. The ability to unleash new capabilities in AR/VR through Forge improves model sharing enriched by QR codes or web links. Accessing 3D models within the browser without any need to download augments client presentations in real-time.

Heading towards a conclusion

As design and construction continue to become more demanding, project teams need the power of Forge APIs to simplify processes and workflows. Informed decision-making across multiple stages requires powerful Forge APIs to drive greater business value through cash-flow-positive projects and time efficiencies.

To outsource Forge API solutions for your next design and construction project, contact HitechDigital: https://www.hitechdigital.com/contact

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HitechDigital Solutions LLP
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