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Author Earl Waud Shares the Inspiration Behind His New Book, Hindsight

The image shows the artwork for the book; Hindsight.

This is the cover artwork for the book; Hindsight.

The author had a lifelong self-improvement focus, but after an accident requiring surgery & while under the effects of anesthesia, the book came to him.

FRISCO, TX, USA, December 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Earl Waud began studying personal development and human achievement when he was just ten years old, which he enjoyed so much, it quickly became a lifelong habit and journey.

From that tender age, he continued reading, listening and watching all the content he could find about success and personal development. Spending countless hours enthusiastically consuming powerful, life-changing knowledge.

If it were not for his father's friend giving Earl a paperback copy of the renowned book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he may never have gotten into this study habit. And, the remarkable story you are about to read likely would never have happened.

For decades, Earl naturally felt the purpose of devouring this information was his self-betterment until about a year ago when he sustained an injury to his left shoulder. During the required corrective surgery to repair the damage, Earl’s life purpose changed dramatically.

What follows is the most remarkable experience of Earl’s life.

Naturally, he received an anesthetic, and while unconscious, he experienced what most would refer to as a dream, but that is not how Earl feels about it. And he still gets chills when he considers if what followed was drug-induced or something else!

It was so real and vivid that Earl, to this day, still questions whether it was really a dream or something he lived.

This startling experience involved meeting three people who showed him the events of his life. And, as it was happening, Earl felt like his life was flashing before his eyes. He even wondered if that was what was happening. In other words, was he about to die?

Clearly, that was not Earl’s fate, he did not die that day. And recounting it now, Earl will tell you that revisiting his life completely reframed the way he perceived his past experiences.

The result of this reframing was and is profound. Earl now saw that his memories contained important and powerful lessons previously hidden from him!

With hindsight and this new perception, how he felt about his past changed. And one reframed memory built upon another until Earl clearly visualized the 7 keys to success and understood the tremendous impact all 7 have on potentially everyone’s life.

Earl understood the importance of what he had been shown (or dreamed), and the three people (or angels?) who guided him back through his life told him he must write a book about the 7 keys. These powerful lessons would help people live their best life and were needed by so many.

When he awoke from surgery, he recalled everything from — the angels or was it a dream? And whether it was an anesthesia-induced dream or something he lived matters not, for the book Earl wrote, called Hindsight, is a must-read.

Hindsight is available online, and Earl has created a website here for anyone to learn more about the remarkable story of how this book came to be.
Earl Waud is also available for interviews and podcasts.

Here are some interesting testimonials about Earl’s book, Hindsight:

“I just finished your manuscript, and WOW!!! I loved every word of it! Reading it brought comparisons to the storytelling and insights that I felt when reading “Tuesdays with Morrie”, and had a spiritual aspect that reminded me of “The Secret” and the concept of Laws of Attraction. The book was both inspiring and actionable in ways that immediately led me to self-reflect and begin to prioritize what improvements I need to make in my own life. Congratulations and well done, my friend. I believe you have a real winner with this book!”
- Brad D. Smith, President of Marshall University, Former CEO of Intuit & Co-Founder of The Wing 2 Wing Foundation.

“Great book filled with insights and inspirations that has the potential of impacting the lives of many.”
- Dr. Greg S. Reid, Award-Winning Author of more than 28 best sellers, Keynote Speaker, Film Producer, and Founder of Secret Knock.

“In my Media Mastery training, Earl shared his book, Hindsight, with me. Its actionable insights not only resonated with me but had the entire training class raising their hand to get a copy of their own. In this powerful book, Earl gives 20/20 Hindsight, and he shows how a look back will unlock the seven keys to creating the future of your dreams.”
- Dr. Forbes Riley, Celebrity TV Host, Billionaire Business Strategist, Motivational Speaker

“In this book, Earl shares his life's lessons that shortcut our learning time to a happy life. We all love shortcuts. His heartfelt lessons and stories show us how to better design our lives. And the result? Of course, our lives will be better, but the true effect is in how our enhanced lives will lift others too. The legacy of Earl's sharing will be felt for generations.”
- Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Brain Science Decision Expert, Tom has written 40+ books, and spoken in over 100 countries around the world

"For me, the book brought to mind Socrates' statement that "the unexamined life is not worth living." Earl has found a great way to get you to start examining your own life, which in turn gives you the opportunity to live that life more fully.”
- Mike South, Creative Director at PPLSI

“The thing I love most about the book is the underlying theme that our life has purpose beyond just ourselves. It reminds us that we are intended to use our life experiences and learnings to bless, help, and nurture others.”
- Kris Katseanes, Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service FC Dallas.

Each of the hindsights rang true to me and caused me to think about how I am doing. Am I paying attention to the things that matter most in life? Don't forget, this book is "the sign you've been looking for!"
- David M. Stansel, NPI Program Manager at Solar Turbines

“I was intrigued by Earl’s story so much that I invited him to speak publicly to our business networking group. This is a must-read!”

- Steven Peter Burke, co-founder of Allied Entrepreneurs.

To find out more about the book, click here.

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