LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When a woman undergoes chemotherapy, one side effect is often hair loss. Wigs can be a quick fix but what about their long term self esteem?

A local artist is working to build that confidence back, one brush stroke at a time. If the eyes are windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame.

It starts with mapping the face, mastering the strokes and getting the color just right.

“For me, just to give them a beautiful set of eyebrows for them to wake up every morning and like ‘wow I look good’ then I want to do that,” said Calisi Garavito, Bladed Art Pigmentation Studio.

Over the past six years, Garavito has built a successful business doing bladed art. But her most rewarding clients may be the ones who don’t pay.

“She was bald. She had no hair on her eyebrows. Nothing. So, she was my very first one and after her I was like I have to do this like all the time,” Garavito said.

She chooses cancer survivors to donate her work — for free.

“It’s an art that I can give to somebody. It doesn’t cost me anything to give a gift to somebody,” she said. “I try to do it every month. I tell everybody to email me stories, pictures of their journey though it.”

Through social media, she finds a lucky woman to transform her face and give back a little of what they’ve lost.

“It just really touched me as a person. This is what I want to give,” Garavito said.

If you know a deserving survivor, you can message Bladed Art on Instagram or her website. She’s looking for next month’s recipient right now.