LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s a new year which means people often make promises to take better care of their health. One way to do that is to get regular mammograms.

About 66% of women in Nevada over the age of 40 are getting annual mammography screening. That means nearly four in 10 women aren’t getting screened.

“We are below the national average for screening. We could certainly do better,” Cari Herington said.

She is the executive director of the Nevada Cancer Coalition which is a nonprofit dedicated to cancer prevention, early detection treatment and survivorship.

“We know screenings save lives,” she said. “If you can catch breast cancer in its earlier stages it’s much better to treat.”

Early detection is key but some women face barriers that make it tough to get a mammogram every year.

More than 2,000 Nevada women are diagnosed every year.

“2,600 women that are diagnosed with a new case of breast cancer and we lose about 440 friends, neighbors each and every year in Nevada,” Herington said.

The coalition works with healthcare providers, hospitals, and advocates to reach women.

One partner is Nevada Health Centers which runs the Mammovan which is a mobile mammography service that reaches rural parts of the state. It also visits the Las Vegas valley on a regular basis. There’s also the Women’s Health Connection which helps the uninsured and underinsured or those who simply fall through the cracks. The program is funded by CDC and the state.

“They provide breast cancer screening and diagnostic and cervical cancer screening,” Herington said.

With so many resources available, the coalition hopes Nevada women won’t have a reason to postpone their annual screening.