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Demetria Obilor is the traffic Anchor for 8 News NOW in Las Vegas. Demetria also produces/hosts our popular segment, “What’s Driving You Crazy?” She broke into TV last year in Kansas City, Mo. as the traffic reporter at the NBC affiliate, KSHB-TV.

Demetria is a Las Vegas native. She moved to the Valley in 2005 and graduated from Spring Valley High School. She earned her journalism degree from the University of Kansas, where she worked as a multimedia journalist and anchor for the campus news station, KUJH-TV.

One of Demetria’s favorite memories of working in the Midwest would be reporting traffic in the winter. “I always kept a shovel, some road salt, an ice scraper and a blanket in my trunk.” Demetria has covered severe, traffic accidents in freezing rain and snowstorms.

Outside of work, Demetria’s loves to travel and owes much of it to her diverse family. Her father’s side of the family is from Nigeria, so she knows all about long, 17-hour flights. Demetria has a family dog named Mikey who is 13 years old. He’s a Bossi-Poo, a Boston Terrier/Poodle mix.