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Charles is a Wonderful Challenge

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Most of us can't imagine what some foster children have been through.   But on Wednesday's Child, we're looking ahead to what will be for these kids... And Charles will be a great guy for the right family

I'll admit I'm probably too old to be in a jump house like this... But it's perfect for Charles.

"His world is...very impulsive...he's stimulated by his environment a lot, he reacts to it, gets distracted," says Andre Wade, a Foster/Adopt recruiter for the Division of Family Services.

Charles is twelve, and well...busy.

"He's in the mainstream school system, but finds plenty of challenges there, as he tends to move from one thing to the next pretty easily," adds Andre. "School-wise he struggles, so it's really hard to say where his true talent lies academically, because of the focus."

But Charles is really good at other things.

"He's athletic, he likes to move around a lot, and he's ... Playing video games is good for him...they help with his hand-eye coordination and his response time." says Andre.

Most important for Charles would be an adoptive home with a clear set of rules.

"I think that he requires a lot of attention, and a lot of...individual attention, and so it would be good if they could have the focus on him, making sure that he's staying focused," says Andre.

"Charles is free and clear for adoption, and you can get started in the process by calling the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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