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Give Your Dogs This IQ Test

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(Oct. 7) -- How smart are your dogs? Do they seem to know what your going to do for them before you let them know? Here are five simple test you can give your pooch.

#1. Next time you take them for a walk, instead of telling them, quietly pick up your keys and their leash.

  • If they bring the leash to you, they get 5 points
  • If they get excited, score them a 3
  • If you have to head to the door, they get a 2
  • If they sit there confused, a 1

#2. Rearrange the furniture.

  • If your dog goes straight to their favorite spot, give them a 3
  • If they look around and find it in 30 seconds, score a 2
  • If they settle for whatever, give them 1 point

#3. Towel test: Take a large towel and put it over its head.

  • If they get the towel off in less than 15 seconds, give them 3 points
  • 15 to 30 seconds, 2 points
  • If it does nothing, give them 1 point

#4. Food Test: Take your dog's favorite treat and put it under something where only their paw will fit.

  • If they can get to the food in less than a minute, it's 3 points
  • If they use their muzzle and paw, 2 points
  • If they give up after only using their muzzle, give them 1 point

#5. Cardboard Barrier Test: Take a piece of cardboard 5 feet long and taller than when your dog is on their hind legs. Cut a opening 3 inches wide and the height of the barrier saving 4 inches on the top and bottom. Have your dog on one side and you on the other. Show them the treat through the opening.

  • If they walk around the barrier in 30 second or less it's 3 points
  • If it takes 1 minute, 2 points
  • If they poke their head through the opening, give them a 1 for trying


  • 13 to 16 points puts your dog above average
  • 9 to 12 points: your pouch is no slouch
  • 5 to 8 points: well that may explain a lot

However your dog scored on the test, just remember: the next time you go for a walk, who's taking care of who, and who's really the smart one.

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