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Job Fair for Military Veterans

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Hundreds of military veterans turned out for a unique job fair. Veterans are facing the same challenges as everyone else looking for work in this sagging economy. But this fair lined up potential employers who need the very skills that veterans bring to the table.

With the nation's unemployment rate at 6.7 percent, the job market is tough. But employers say veteran's come in the door with some character traits that their counterparts from the civilian sector simply might not have.

Las Vegas veteran Robert Reyes is giving a potential employer his best pitch. With 13 years as a mechanic in the Army, he's hoping to move those skills into the civilian sector. But, Reyes says, just because he is a veteran does not mean he's been getting special treatment while looking for work.

Hire Vets First

"It depends on how long you have been out and how you are doing mentally and physically. It might give me a slight advantage but it all depends on what they want," he said.

This job fair the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was put together by a national group called Recruitmilitary. Organizer John Lundberg says veterans bring unique traits.

"What we are talking about is a great work ethic, the understanding of setting and accomplishing a goal in a timely manner, generally under arduous conditions. They have got a leg up on the competition but it is still going to be a challenge for them as well," he said.

And employers agree. Wackenhut is a worldwide security firm and recruiter Chris McNulty says vets have what it takes, "Anyone coming out of the military has the training and the background and the discipline to be successful at Wachenhut. They have security police officers that have security experience in the military or law enforcement experience. They can bring that to wackenhut."

For Robert Reyes, it's been a long haul trying to find a job but he's hopeful the fair may change his fortunes, "I guess they needed some services over at Fort Irwin down in Barstow. So it is a pretty good deal for me -- I don't have to move far, I am still close to the family, and if I can get on with them over there, that would be great, you know."

The veteran job fair was put together in conjunction with the American Legion and the U.S. Department of Labor.

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