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Amanda Hernandez, Reporter

School District, Parents Face Tough Budget Cuts

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Parents and teachers gathered for another heated town hall meeting Wednesday night at Chaparral High School. The big topic -- what programs and jobs should be cut at schools around the valley?

The cuts are mandatory. The school board needs to make up millions because of the state's huge budget shortfall.

Things got heated at Chaparral High School as teachers fought for time to speak and parents clashed on what programs they think students could live without. Librarians, teachers, bus service and extra curricular programs are all on the table.

Deeper cuts into the school district are now inevitable. All that's left is to determine where to cut.

"We are looking at losing programs or teachers. So do we choose keeping art or we choose keeping a math teacher? Do we choose having music or do we choose having a reading teacher? I don't know. This is really difficult," said Mary Jo Parise Malloy with Nevadans for Quality Education.

Everyone was asked to cast their vote -- in one box, the top three things to keep and in the other, three things to cut.

"My philosophy is you need to cut what is furthest from the students first," said librarian Marian Mchugh.

So far surveys show there is a high interest in keeping athletics, extracurricular programs, and small class sizes. But that leaves many things on the cutting block like librarians, empowerment schools, and transportation to magnet schools.

Iosha Bruner says she fought just to get into a magnet program and hates that now she might have to fight to keep them, "This means the world to us and it brought tears to our eyes to know someone would be so low to take away an opportunity in which we fought for."

Many in the crowd admit there is no way around the cuts because the money is simply not there.

"It is going to hurt no matter how we do it, but it has to be done," said Mchugh.

But they hope when it comes to doing with out, it won't be in the areas they need most.

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