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Successful Adoption, Two Years in the Making

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Randy Randy
Mark Mark

Nothing makes us happier than to be able to tell the story of a successful adoption. This one was two years in the making, but well worth the wait.

June of 2006 finds me and Randy at Peter Piper Pizza playing like we're driving fast cars. I remember thinking what a great kid he was and how he was deserving of a loving home.

Little did I know, Randy's father-to-be was also watching. "I just happened to turn on Channel 8 that day and I saw Randy and just, something about him caught my eye," said Mark.

Only now, two years later, they really are driving fast cars. Randy and his dad Mark fit together like hand in glove, and it was like that from the day of their first meeting.

"And when we left, I was like, ‘He's the one,' and I just hoped and prayed he felt the same way," said Mark.

"Actually I reached that conclusion after the first time I met them," said Randy.

Mark and his wife Val finished their adoption certification and took Randy into their home almost immediately. He had been living at Boys Town, "You're kind of afraid of change until you see what change is like."

"He's everything I could ever wished in a son, and it's been a pleasure from the day he moved in. I mean, it's been great. He's a great kid, love him to death, and I just can't imagine my life without him in it right now. We've just bonded so well," said Mark.

Part of that is the passion they share for racing, but Mark makes a good point for anyone considering adoption, "People out there have it on their heart to take on a kid, they really need to look at these older kids because they need a good home and a bright future, just like any other kids out there who need or want to be adopted."

There are other older kids looking for homes. You can inquire about any of them through the Adoption Exchange. Call now and they'll get you started. The number is 436-6335.

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