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Fantastic Foursome Looking for Forever Family

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Wednesday's Child returns with a sibling set of four. Now, I know that's a big order, but just wait till you meet the great kids we're talking about.

Think we got some exuberant energy here? These four took over Sunset Park the other day and they were popular with the ducks. But they were an absolute hit with the pigeons.

Let's try to take them one by one, starting with the oldest. That'd be Katherine -- who is seven. She keeps a close eye on her younger siblings.

"She does, and that's typical, especially when they're in care, the older ones tend to look out for the younger ones. That's their role and so that's what she does," says Andre Wade, a recruitment specialist.

This smiling young man is Ronald. He's the next oldest at five.

Then there's brother Terrance at four and rounding out this family is Susan at just three.

As you can see, they're a fun-loving bunch. Just kids, who need a family to love them.

"Just a home that can love and support them, support and foster their sibling bonds and make sure they get the services they need. All the children are in school of some sort, either elementary or pre-school, so want to make sure that their education is being addressed, and their developmental milestones," said Andre.

None of these kids have any major problems that couldn't be solved by a stable loving family, but they'd have to stay together.

"They're a great looking bunch. They're great bunch together. They really feed off of each other in a positive way. They're really close to each other, so it's really a nice thing," said Andre.

If you'd like to get started in the process of adopting this great family of siblings, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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