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Hot Weather Brings Concerns For Diabetics

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Las Vegas will soon be under an excessive heat warning in addition to an air quality advisory. So it's a good time to make sure you're well hydrated if you plan to be outdoors. Although, for someone with diabetes, drinking plenty of water should not be their only concern in hot weather.

Southern Nevada is bracing for temperatures that will hover around 110 degrees for the next few days. Las Vegas nurse and diabetic, Theresa Moore says the heat won't keep her indoors. At the same time, she'll test her glucose levels more often.

"I tend to test more  because through trial and error, you discover that dehydration causes your sugars to go up. So I try to bring a water bottle wherever I go and drink. And if I feel my mouth is a little dry, I always test," said Moore.

Darlene Allen, a diabetes educator with valley hospital -- says that while diabetics need to drink plenty of fluids to avoid heat exhaustion, they should avoid beverages that are high in sugar, including most sports drinks. Moore prefers adding a sugar-free mix to her water.

But when it's this hot, dehydration isn't the only concern. Protecting the feet from hot pavement is also vital -- to avoid a serious infection that for many diabetics, has led to amputation.

"People with diabetes often have neuropathy, and they can't feel their skin burning. And they can have sores end up being ulcers. So that's something really, really important in the summer," said Moore.

Ozone levels are also up across the valley, and may aggravate certain diabetes-related complications such as heart disease. For more on the subject, click here.

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